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Why do cats and dogs are not compatible

Probably every story there when cat and dog are best friends, but it does, as a rule, if these two pets live in the same apartment, and just got used to each other. But the true dislike for each other appears on the street, and a rare dog calmly pass by the yard cat. But why dogs and cats are not friends?

The reasons for hostility

The first reason - the territorial instinct. They simply protect their territory, but the dog is large in size, and they are pack animals, in contrast to the single cats, on the last and has to be rescued


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The second reason - cats are not very afraid of dogs, they are likely to try to avoid greater contact with it. There are cases when the proud cat that just too lazy to run, it is better to take the fight, and most dogs eventually get scarred face. Although it depends on both animal species.

Reason Three - old Chinese legend that once a dog rescued a drowning girl, daughter of the governor. Happy father in gratitude fastened to the tail of the dog decree stating that anyone should feed a stray dog. Arrange a holiday, a dog gave deposited decree cats, but the night had stolen mouse paper and tore it. Dogs do not believe in it, and now the eternal enmity between cats and dogs, and cats and mice.

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