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What loses weight in the first place

So, you started to lose weight, but after two or three weeks notice that the volume does not go where you like it to be, and where you need to - all did not disappear.

What begins to lose weight in the first place in the diet?

Looking at the figure, you with absolute certainty can be called part of your body that you would like to adjust. Most often it is the so-called "problem areas" - thighs, buttocks, waist.

But the physiology of the human body, particularly the female, is arranged so that the fat consumed in a specific pattern, from different parts of the body. If the body cease to act in enough nutrients, fat is being phased out "bins" - subcutaneous fat.

Diet - this is a limitation of the reception of certain substances. This is a big burden on the body, and the body fat consumed primarily from where closely held lymph vessels and lymph nodes are:

The neck and face;

Hands, hands in particular;

The chest (chest "blown away");

Back (upper part).

After weight loss on the designated pattern in different women and girls in different ways leave volumes in the abdomen, buttocks and legs.

What loses weight in the first place girls, inter alia, depends on the state of the body, physiological or genetic predisposition to a certain type of figure. But more often it is the latter lose weight stomach and thighs.

What part of the body lose weight in the first place: more

Hudeem-bez-problem.ru Experts emphasize that special diets for weight loss in the waist or other parts of the body, does not exist, and if you find this, you know - you "divorce". Losing weight is precisely on the order of, above, or in other words, from the top down.

Why is the first person lose weight? Here's thinnest subcutaneous fat, which is why it is easier to just "take" from there.

The first indications that "the process has begun" - a hollow cheeks and strongly sharpened nose. Along with fat and water out, so the skin becomes dry, there may be wrinkles (lost skin tone). Keep this in mind and do moisturizing treatments, masks, and drink more water. But the person loses weight in the first place is not always. If you 2-3 weeks dieting, but it still remains the same, possibly present edema.

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