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Drink water - save lives

The amount drunk per day of water need to count as well as the number of calories eaten. Here's why ...

We all consist of liquid. 60% of our flesh - it is water. And in the liver and spleen and it even more - 80%. Obviously, the water is incredibly important, but her attention is paid to drink is not enough. We have about it just did not think. On the food we think - everything (well, very much) I want to lose weight. Therefore, "what to eat?" And "how much to eat?" We are constantly in my head. How much to drink? Let's be honest, is what we do not pay attention. Generally, in relation to the water it makes people a lot of mistakes, but the main - three.

Error № 1. Some people believe that you need to drink only when he wants. This is misleading. When a craving - the body is working at the limit, it is not enough liquid.

Error № 2. And when you sit on a diet, the amount of water in the diet increase? I'm sure at 99.9%, which is almost all "dietchiki" water in the diet is not added. The problem is that doctors do not talk about it: will be put on a diet, and about the water will not say a single word. But if you "nedodali" bread means "nedopivaete" Water!

Error № 3. It is believed that if a person ate and drank jelly soup, the water can not drink. It is not right. Just water you need to drink a must! How much should you drink water?

Every day we lose 2-3 liters of water. It leaves us in the form of sweat, urine, tears and snot. To make up for this loss, it is imperative, otherwise the body will break down. Drink 3 liters of water a day - this is, of course, crazy. No that is not required. It is known that the fluid enters the body and of the bread and the same potatoes.

Since water is fully involved in all biological processes, then every drop of liquid contained in solid food, be sure to be acquired in the body. This should be considered if necessary to take into account the daily amount of moisture. Scientists have calculated that the body with solid food each day gets about 1.5 liters of water. Therefore, it remains "to drink" even 1.5 liters - and the daily ration will be accepted.

Recently, however, some experts are increasingly inclined to believe that a normal healthy person need to drink all the same 2 liters of fluid a day. Just in case. To in any case to prevent even small dehydration. This general rule, however, there are situations when this rule should be broken. Here they are. How much drinking water depending on the ambient temperature?

Our general condition depends very much on the ambient temperature. At a temperature of up to + 21 ° C is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water; above + 26 ° C - 1.9 liters; and over + 32 ° C - at least 3 liters of liquid. How much water you need to drink dieters?

As I said, counting the amount of water you drink some of our comrades have the same care as the number of calories. Although it is for us, and yet unusual. For example, if someone sat on a diet, I began to restrict your diet, then, together with uneaten food did not get a certain number of water. But if diet restriction in food - a phenomenon understandable and useful, the restrictions on liquids to prevent in any case impossible. Hence, it is necessary to drink more water than usual.

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