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Bright nano-toad

Five years of observation of life the Brazilian rainforest have helped scientists discover the seven previously unknown species of frogs, each of which is characterized by an extremely tiny size - the length of their bodies and not more than a centimeter, according to a paper published in the journal PeerJ.

"These seven species - only the beginning, given that we have found some new members of this genus during the preparation of the article for publication, and now we have begun the process of formal description," - said Luis Ribeiro (Luiz Ribeiro) of the Institute for the Study Environment in Curitiba (Brazil).

Ribeiro and his colleagues spent five years in the mountainous forests of Brazil on the Atlantic coast of South America, watching the frogs of the genus sedlonosnymi Brachycephalus, all members of which are a kind of miniature champions among amphibians.

They all have a bright and highly visible coloration that warns predators of man and that is very dangerous armed toad venom - tetradoksinom, specific neurotoxin, which blocks the sodium "pumps" in the nerve cells and causes paralysis and death.

As they note, sedlonosnye toads are big homebody. Each species occupies a small habitat in the mountains, lowlands, or in other parts of the countryside, to living in which they are suited, because of what they is extremely difficult to find and catalog.

Partly for this reason, the scientists were able to find a total of seven new species of frogs in the five years of intensive search, although they suspect that the "cloud" forests of Brazil found a lot more of these unusual species of amphibians.

Interestingly, some of the findings of Ribeiro and his colleagues was named after the prominent Brazilian environmentalists, whose efforts are now focused on the preservation of the rainforest, where they live sedlonosnye toads and other species of tropical animals now threatened with extinction.

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