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Five reasons to give up bread
Did our grandmothers might assume that the time will come when the bread ceases to be "around the head"? Why do people who maintain a healthy lifestyle (note, not just losing weight!), Refuse to use baked goods?

One of the most famous naturopaths, Paul Bragg advised to abandon the bread shop from both totally unnecessary and even harmful to the health product or try to reduce its consumption to 1-2 pieces a day. He excluded from the diet products made with white flour and around the world has shown in his personal experience the effect of improving the availability of food without bread.

Useful bread

Our ancestors did not come up with nothing saying that "Bread - a head," and these words, they do not refer specifically to the baking, and to crops. Therefore we say, for example, "this year born a good bread." In the food consumed largely unrefined grains! It is considered a valuable black bread as the basis of the Siberian health. Its dark color was a product of the use rye malt, but not rye flour, from which today are baked breads such as "Moscow", "Riga", "Borodino" and so forth.

In those pre-revolutionary times, we lived in Russia for a long time. According to historical facts, in 1912 at a meeting of Tsar Nicholas II veterans of the War of 1812 the youngest was about 120, and the oldest - 124 years.

But as the 20th century came, and flour have been producing industrial way, the quality of bread has not changed for the better. Many have realized that the best of it and did not refuse. And there are five reasons!

Fact number one: bread - a useless product

Wheat grains are rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, A, F. et al. It contains a lot of minerals: zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper, cobalt, iodine, potassium, manganese, silicon, selenium. In general, almost the entire periodic table. It would seem that so much good for the person, then why scientists and nutritionists believe bread useless product?

In fact, the entire storehouse of nutrients is in the embryo and shell grains which fall in the processing waste. As a result, white flour higher (elite) varieties contain the remains of vitamins and minerals (about 30%), which two weeks later cease to be active, as well as calories and starch, do not bring any benefit, do not provide us with the life force, and only serves to set weight and the accumulation of fat in the body.

Fact two: the bread is toxic

Today it is no secret that for wheat farmers use tons of different poison: against weeds - herbicides for yield - fertilizer, pest - pesticides. Before you clean the ears of dried corn with a chemical agent, and when it is folded for storage, "grass", to avoid eating any rodents. Naturally, all of this stuff is in the flour.

But that's not all the "poison" the process of transformation into a beautiful grain bread. To flour was white manufacturers use it for "whitening" of a substance used for washing and cleaning: it benzoyl peroxide, pyrosulfate, sodium and calcium, chlorine dioxide.

Fact Three: bread causes the development of gastrointestinal diseases Modern bread contains gluten (wheat gluten), by which it is obtained an elastic, lush and long shelf life. But if the substance is beneficial (can do without expensive high-grade flour) for baking delicious and beautiful to look at the bread, then to human health is not very useful. Following the study, researchers observed that gluten virtually eliminated from the body and is deposited on the walls of the intestine, damaging the villi. As a result, the person experiences muscle cramps, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, joint pain, dermatitis and others.

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