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Doping for the brain

Scientists confirmed that it improves attention, it helps to quickly solve complex tests at the same time bringing more and pleasure. And even awakens creativity. Plus, the drug is practically safe, side effects are rare and lungs. However, before that there were a few more of the drug to the brain doping. But their safety scientists were not sure ...

What kind of doping for the brain, and who needs them? Usually, they are people who have great mental stress. As a rule, it is connected with the training or the performance of some great intellectual works. "Like a lot of drugs, and they have many different effects, effects on the central nervous system. With these and related their therapeutic effect - says neurologist Larisa Boikova. - Initially, these drugs used to treat diseases, but then began to apply and relatively healthy people experiencing heavy loads CNS. Children are commonly prescribed for so-called "correction learning disabilities." Decide whether child or adult, such drugs should a doctor. It will select optimal means and the proper treatment regimen. "

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