For you a selection of plants that can be harvested in September and October, and their useful properties.

* Burdock.

- Older leaves of burdock is used for bruises, sprains, rheumatoid arthritis, heel spurs.

- The roots of burdock can be used in food - they can completely replace the parsnips, parsley and even carrots, and cook delicious meals. The roots of burdock soar, boiled and fried.

- From them prepare burdock oil hair treatment. 100 g of crushed roots of burdock and 200 ml of any vegetable oil mix and leave to stand day. Then, stirring constantly, cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Cool, strain and pour into a glass bottle and store in refrigerator.

* Dandelion.

- The easiest way to treat dandelion - the regular use of it in food. From dandelion cook jam and candy.

- Fresh dandelion juice can lubricate the wart, corn, dark spots, freckles.

- Dandelion juice (it is obtained from the crushed leaves and roots by squeezing a small amount of warm water) drink in diseases of the liver, kidneys and bladder, to strengthen bones and teeth, removing edema and joint pain, improve appetite, normalization of blood sugar levels and enhance metabolism, intoxications and poisonings, as an effective diuretic 1 tbsp. spoon before eating.

* Badan.

- This plant has identified antimicrobial, hemostatic, and diuretic properties.

- Infusion: 20 g of leaves pour a glass of hot water, to insist on the water bath for 15 minutes, cool. Take 2 tbsp. spoon several times a day.

- This extract can rinse a sore throat and mouth with stomatitis and periodontal disease.

* Burnet.

- Broth: 1 tablespoon. spoon crushed roots brew in 200 ml of water for 15 minutes .. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 5 times a day for gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, pancreatitis, colitis).

* Hawthorn.

- In neurosis and heart disease, arrhythmias, as well as to improve circulation recommended infusion: 1 tablespoon. spoon fruit pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 3-4 hours, strain and take 2-3 tbsp. tablespoons before each meal.

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- Do you like? - Who ?! - Buckwheat !!! - Adore! ("Winged" dialogue from the film "Girls"). And there is good reason to love this unique herb.

"Bukovopodobny nut", "black gruel", "mother of bread", "buckwheat", "food plebs", "royal mess" as soon not call this rump of humanity, and what feelings does not feel for her. For example, during the 17th century aristocrats refused to eat buckwheat, for the sole reason that it is dark in color, and considered it a dish of the poor. But with the advent of the 20th century, of course, thanks to science and new discoveries, people recognized her "the queen of cereals."

In the USSR, in stores selling mainly green buckwheat, which is before the hostess to prepare calcined in a pan or on a baking sheet in the oven to brown: it was thought that because of this delicious cereal will porridge. Later, "the new secretary general," Nikita Khrushchev ordered the whole buckwheat to be heat treated and delivered it, as it felt the right thing to flow. 'Tanned' buckwheat ousted from the sale of the green, despite the fact that the latter is more useful to man. Only half a century later, in connection with the mass fad diet and healthy living food, remembering the green buckwheat.

7 more reasons to fall in love with the green buckwheat

1. Treasury vitamins, macro- and microelements

Among other grains, green buckwheat is distinguished by its rich composition of vitamins, it is also a source of magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, copper, manganese and the amino acid tryptophan. Thanks to the successful tandem of vitamins B3, B6 and tryptophan, which are used by our brain to synthesize serotonin, is an excellent antidepressant.

2. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Buckwheat perfectly copes with cholesterol, cleans the walls of blood vessels from cholesterol plaques that impede blood flow to the heart and brain.

3. Rich in fiber

In one portion of buckwheat contains almost twenty percent of the daily requirement of fiber to complete the work of our stomach and intestines.

4. Contains Vitamin P (rutin)

This is particularly valuable vitamin: it is not produced by the human body, but it depends on the positive state of capillaries, their elasticity and strength. Ruthin neutralize allergic reactions, is involved in bile, stimulates the adrenal glands, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate.

5. Applies to products with a low glycemic index

In the 70-90-ies in the Soviet Union was a deficit of buckwheat, and buy it can only diabetics. The fact that it is perfectly reduces blood sugar and is a dietary product, through which can be quickly and easily reduce the weight.

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The amount drunk per day of water need to count as well as the number of calories eaten. Here's why ...

We all consist of liquid. 60% of our flesh - it is water. And in the liver and spleen and it even more - 80%. Obviously, the water is incredibly important, but her attention is paid to drink is not enough. We have about it just did not think. On the food we think - everything (well, very much) I want to lose weight. Therefore, "what to eat?" And "how much to eat?" We are constantly in my head. How much to drink? Let's be honest, is what we do not pay attention. Generally, in relation to the water it makes people a lot of mistakes, but the main - three.

Error № 1. Some people believe that you need to drink only when he wants. This is misleading. When a craving - the body is working at the limit, it is not enough liquid.

Error № 2. And when you sit on a diet, the amount of water in the diet increase? I'm sure at 99.9%, which is almost all "dietchiki" water in the diet is not added. The problem is that doctors do not talk about it: will be put on a diet, and about the water will not say a single word. But if you "nedodali" bread means "nedopivaete" Water!

Error № 3. It is believed that if a person ate and drank jelly soup, the water can not drink. It is not right. Just water you need to drink a must! How much should you drink water?

Every day we lose 2-3 liters of water. It leaves us in the form of sweat, urine, tears and snot. To make up for this loss, it is imperative, otherwise the body will break down. Drink 3 liters of water a day - this is, of course, crazy. No that is not required. It is known that the fluid enters the body and of the bread and the same potatoes.

Since water is fully involved in all biological processes, then every drop of liquid contained in solid food, be sure to be acquired in the body. This should be considered if necessary to take into account the daily amount of moisture. Scientists have calculated that the body with solid food each day gets about 1.5 liters of water. Therefore, it remains "to drink" even 1.5 liters - and the daily ration will be accepted.

Recently, however, some experts are increasingly inclined to believe that a normal healthy person need to drink all the same 2 liters of fluid a day. Just in case. To in any case to prevent even small dehydration. This general rule, however, there are situations when this rule should be broken. Here they are. How much drinking water depending on the ambient temperature?

Our general condition depends very much on the ambient temperature. At a temperature of up to + 21 ° C is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water; above + 26 ° C - 1.9 liters; and over + 32 ° C - at least 3 liters of liquid. How much water you need to drink dieters?

As I said, counting the amount of water you drink some of our comrades have the same care as the number of calories. Although it is for us, and yet unusual. For example, if someone sat on a diet, I began to restrict your diet, then, together with uneaten food did not get a certain number of water. But if diet restriction in food - a phenomenon understandable and useful, the restrictions on liquids to prevent in any case impossible. Hence, it is necessary to drink more water than usual.

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So, you started to lose weight, but after two or three weeks notice that the volume does not go where you like it to be, and where you need to - all did not disappear.

What begins to lose weight in the first place in the diet?

Looking at the figure, you with absolute certainty can be called part of your body that you would like to adjust. Most often it is the so-called "problem areas" - thighs, buttocks, waist.

But the physiology of the human body, particularly the female, is arranged so that the fat consumed in a specific pattern, from different parts of the body. If the body cease to act in enough nutrients, fat is being phased out "bins" - subcutaneous fat.

Diet - this is a limitation of the reception of certain substances. This is a big burden on the body, and the body fat consumed primarily from where closely held lymph vessels and lymph nodes are:

The neck and face;

Hands, hands in particular;

The chest (chest "blown away");

Back (upper part).

After weight loss on the designated pattern in different women and girls in different ways leave volumes in the abdomen, buttocks and legs.

What loses weight in the first place girls, inter alia, depends on the state of the body, physiological or genetic predisposition to a certain type of figure. But more often it is the latter lose weight stomach and thighs.

What part of the body lose weight in the first place: more Experts emphasize that special diets for weight loss in the waist or other parts of the body, does not exist, and if you find this, you know - you "divorce". Losing weight is precisely on the order of, above, or in other words, from the top down.

Why is the first person lose weight? Here's thinnest subcutaneous fat, which is why it is easier to just "take" from there.

The first indications that "the process has begun" - a hollow cheeks and strongly sharpened nose. Along with fat and water out, so the skin becomes dry, there may be wrinkles (lost skin tone). Keep this in mind and do moisturizing treatments, masks, and drink more water. But the person loses weight in the first place is not always. If you 2-3 weeks dieting, but it still remains the same, possibly present edema.

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Slim waist, firm breasts, curvy hips and buttocks - all it gives regular fitness classes. To start you need them very little - a positive attitude and a light snack.

With the onset of autumn wants as little as possible burden yourself with unnecessary things. When the weather cold and dank rain, even the closest way to the sports complex is not in joy. Reading a book under a warm blanket, or watching your favorite TV series - the prospect of a uniquely enjoyable. But if you let laziness get the better of you, of good figure and good health will have to forget. Because get down to business: a good body requires good load!

But before you go to the gym do not forget to eat. Otherwise, training will not give the desired effect. A useful snack - mandatory rule transition to physical exercise. Our bodies - like a car without fuel dose not budge. In particular, the issue of weight loss.

What time is it now? I have lunch!

How much time after a meal should precede the beginning of the workout. Nutritionists answer this question categorically - not less than one hour. And immediately, "calm": if an athlete training is scheduled for 5:00 am, he will never leave her without first having had breakfast. Those are the rules! And you also need to comply with them, if you want to be in shape.

Menu, please! Or something to eat?

We have collected for you 9 helpful snacking that will give you the necessary energy to perform the exercises and does not leave marks on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. All of them are great even for those who have to eat breakfast on the go!

1. Banana

This solar fruit - a rich source of fast acting carbohydrates necessary for the body energization before training. In addition, the banana contains potassium, trace mineral that supports muscle function and the nervous system.

2. Natural yoghurt

In contrast to the industrial manufacture of products in natural yogurt and no-calorie additives many flavor enhancers. It is a useful, easy to stomach, and is ideal for a snack. If you want to squeeze out a little more calories, add the drink mix fruit, honey or eat it in tandem with oatmeal.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine - a substance that is difficult to overestimate. It tones and invigorates, gives a good mood and energy. No wonder that nutritionists advise to include foods with him in the sports menu. Depending on your preference, pre-workout drink coffee, espresso or green tea. In the company to drink one can take a handful of nuts or fresh berries.

4. Fruit Smoothies

Cook fragrant and delicious cocktail today can be a single click on the mixer. Just add your favorite fruits in a special container and run the program. The resulting smoothies - a storehouse of high-quality protein that is easily digested and releases energy during exercise.

5. Whole grain bread

A slice of whole grain breads - fertile source of carbohydrates, which can be paired with almost any food. Prepare him open sandwich, put the top slice of tomato and a leaf of parsley, hard-boiled egg or a slice of salted salmon. If you prefer a hearty snack sweet alternative, pour the bread and jam or honey. That's all good snack ready. It can also be combined with the adoption of caffeine.

6. Dried nuts +

This magical tandem is perfect for those who want to get small means a lot, even a lot of energy. It is no secret that the nuts are high in calories, they charge cheerfulness and help ward off fatigue, which is so important when performing heavy physical exercise. While dried fruits provide instant energy boost, allowing to begin to engage with full force.

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