Slim waist, firm breasts, curvy hips and buttocks - all it gives regular fitness classes. To start you need them very little - a positive attitude and a light snack.

With the onset of autumn wants as little as possible burden yourself with unnecessary things. When the weather cold and dank rain, even the closest way to the sports complex is not in joy. Reading a book under a warm blanket, or watching your favorite TV series - the prospect of a uniquely enjoyable. But if you let laziness get the better of you, of good figure and good health will have to forget. Because get down to business: a good body requires good load!

But before you go to the gym do not forget to eat. Otherwise, training will not give the desired effect. A useful snack - mandatory rule transition to physical exercise. Our bodies - like a car without fuel dose not budge. In particular, the issue of weight loss.

What time is it now? I have lunch!

How much time after a meal should precede the beginning of the workout. Nutritionists answer this question categorically - not less than one hour. And immediately, "calm": if an athlete training is scheduled for 5:00 am, he will never leave her without first having had breakfast. Those are the rules! And you also need to comply with them, if you want to be in shape.

Menu, please! Or something to eat?

We have collected for you 9 helpful snacking that will give you the necessary energy to perform the exercises and does not leave marks on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. All of them are great even for those who have to eat breakfast on the go!

1. Banana

This solar fruit - a rich source of fast acting carbohydrates necessary for the body energization before training. In addition, the banana contains potassium, trace mineral that supports muscle function and the nervous system.

2. Natural yoghurt

In contrast to the industrial manufacture of products in natural yogurt and no-calorie additives many flavor enhancers. It is a useful, easy to stomach, and is ideal for a snack. If you want to squeeze out a little more calories, add the drink mix fruit, honey or eat it in tandem with oatmeal.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine - a substance that is difficult to overestimate. It tones and invigorates, gives a good mood and energy. No wonder that nutritionists advise to include foods with him in the sports menu. Depending on your preference, pre-workout drink coffee, espresso or green tea. In the company to drink one can take a handful of nuts or fresh berries.

4. Fruit Smoothies

Cook fragrant and delicious cocktail today can be a single click on the mixer. Just add your favorite fruits in a special container and run the program. The resulting smoothies - a storehouse of high-quality protein that is easily digested and releases energy during exercise.

5. Whole grain bread

A slice of whole grain breads - fertile source of carbohydrates, which can be paired with almost any food. Prepare him open sandwich, put the top slice of tomato and a leaf of parsley, hard-boiled egg or a slice of salted salmon. If you prefer a hearty snack sweet alternative, pour the bread and jam or honey. That's all good snack ready. It can also be combined with the adoption of caffeine.

6. Dried nuts +

This magical tandem is perfect for those who want to get small means a lot, even a lot of energy. It is no secret that the nuts are high in calories, they charge cheerfulness and help ward off fatigue, which is so important when performing heavy physical exercise. While dried fruits provide instant energy boost, allowing to begin to engage with full force.

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Juniper, tree or shrub of the cypress family, exist on our planet about 50 million years.

Evergreen, in appearance he resembles a small cypress. This plant is a long-living. In favorable conditions, juniper lives from 600 to 3000 years. Imagine somewhere on earth still live plants, hatched from the seeds for a thousand years before Christ.

Its medicinal properties have long been famous for juniper. These plants treat many diseases: skin, tuberculosis, asthma. Juniper has a calming effect on the nervous system, relieves stress. And why? Because there are a lot of essential oils with a resinous, pungent, smoky aroma.

In ancient Greece, Rome and the little fir tree was considered the best remedy for snakebites. The Romans crushed juniper berries added to the wine and drank it in diseases of the liver as a diuretic.

In the Ancient Rus from the bark of the juniper doing the dishes. And the dishes are not spoiled for a long time, and the milk is stored in a container, even on a hot day turns sour.

According to its bactericidal properties of juniper needles leader. The oil from this plant are analgesic, invigorates, purifies, warms and strengthens.

Twigs of juniper, previously consecrated in the church, hung in homes. They are believed to protect against disease and all sorts of misfortunes.

Juniper eliminates puffiness, helps with dermatitis and dental pain. Is anti-cellulite, eliminate inflammation of the lung and bronchial tissue, improves cardiac function. Normalizes blood circulation, blood pressure. It helps with colic, constipation, and various other diseases. The spectrum is wide therapeutic effects.

Due to the healing properties, longevity, and also because of juniper wood does not rot, in some cultures, this plant is a symbol of eternal life and overcome death.

Juniper is contraindicated in acute inflammation of the kidneys, pregnancy, severe hypertension, are hypersensitive.

Dosages of oil are: Bath 3-6 drops of emulsifier, compresses 5-7 drops. Hot Inhalation - 2-3 drops, the procedure should not last more than 5-7 minutes. The massage in the massage oil add 4-6 drops of oil of juniper. At 10 grams of cream or face mask add 5 drops of oil. The hookah or aromakuritelnitsu add much.

Add the juniper diuretics charges. To do this, take a birch leaf, dandelion root and juniper berries in equal parts. Stir and blend brewed tablespoon of boiled water. Insist to cool, filter. Drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals.

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State Duma deputies intend to prohibit adding palm oil in baby food and other products. Department of Science "Gazety.Ru" judge of whether or not the palm oil is harmful to health and is not able to absorbed by the body, and came to the conclusion that a clear answer to these questions, modern science does not yet know.

Last week, the State Duma was sent a bill offering amendments to Art. 17 of the Federal Law "On quality and food safety." Authors of the bill propose to ban the use of genetically modified organisms, a number of food additives and dyes, as well as palm oil in the manufacture of food products. The document specifically states that palm oil which is usually added to dairy products, including infant formula for feeding infants, promotes the development of cardiovascular diseases, carcinogenic effect, and is not capable of properly digested by the body due to high melting point.

Department of Science has decided to understand the dangers of palm oil is fraught actually paying particular attention to infant formula for feeding young children.

Pros and cons

The main reason that forces manufacturers to add dairy products palm oil - is its low cost. The cost of production of dairy products with vegetable fat is much lower than natural milk price difference reaches three to four times. In addition, some companies may be used in the manufacture unfit for human consumption Technical vegetable oils, which are even cheaper.

However, according to the technical rules used in the production of palm oil, cheese, butter and cheese is still possible. Therefore, when talking about the falsification of products most often refers to the following problem: manufacturers use of palm oil instead of milk, but it is called to get food and cheese curd and cheese product and no curd product.

According to experts, it is now on the shelves of Russian stores share of such products is 10%, but a core group of problem falls on the cheese: its share of the production of counterfeit products may reach 30-40%.

To protect yourself from buying a product unscrupulous manufacturers, it is worth remembering that 1 kg of cheese classic consumes about 8-12 liters of milk, experts say. Taking into account the cost of milk at the farm an average of 20 rubles. 1 l per 1 kg of cheese only raw materials will cost about 200 rubles. The real price takes into account the cost of milk processing, transportation from producer to processor, packing, transportation from the processor to the distribution network, storage, and income of the seller. Thus, 1 kg of cheese, which is close to the cost price of milk, it may be counterfeit.

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Many of us strive to achieve their cherished dream performance through diet, which in the history of mankind has invented a great many - about 30 thousand. Some are in vogue, others have sunk into oblivion. Now at the peak of popularity among the so-called mono-diet slimming. About five most famous of them, the myths around the mono-diet, and about what is fraught with mindless following of fashion in such a sensitive issue as the fight against obesity, says a well-known dietitian Michael Ginsburg, the hero of the documentary TV channel REN TV "diet" in the series "Be healthy. "


Rice Diet

Fans of this diet believe that rice cleanses the body of toxins and helps quickly enough to gain a slender figure. But Michael Ginsburg argues that the health of "monorisoedov" grave danger "in the body is required to develop protein deficiency: in rice is a little protein, but vegetable, so even eating 200-300 grams of rice a day, we do not get a tenth required. Will suffer the immune system, blood formation. "

According to nutritionist, long rice diet - for human food knockout, and he will not pass without a trace.

Why rice diet is a lot of fans? The answer is "risoedov" - because the rice is low in calories. Is it so? Let's count. The plate of boiled rice - about 200 grams, 700 calories. Let us add a liter of yogurt a day. The result - 1000 calories. But adult consumes in a day at least 2-2.5 times more. In addition, the body tries to spend as much calories as was the food. That is the end of a week of such a diet the body will not spend 2000 calories and 1200 and weight loss will occur at a rate of 20-30 grams per day.

Buckwheat diet

Developers buckwheat diet assure that in two weeks you can lose 5 to 10 kilograms. Objections Michael Ginsburg: monodiet this dangerous complication of chronic and emerging diseases. And, most worryingly, result from monodiets almost always the same - the weight comes back again. And often much greater than it was before attempting to lose weight: abandoning the usual dishes and favorite foods in favor of buckwheat, you're likely to lose, and only gain weight. And these are fraught with setbacks, among other things, and psychological disorders.

Apple diet

Apple diet promises loss of 5-7 kilos a week. Apples can be eaten raw, baked or drink apple juice. But nutritionist and here found a flaw: or how many apples you eat, the appetite is growing. "Apples - is malic acid, malic acid - is a constant irritation of the stomach. Apples hungry just cause gastric motility, and the person perceives it as a famine, "- says Michael Ginsburg. And the body, in turn, considers the famine as stress and triggers a defense mechanism - the longer the hunger strike, the more we accumulate kilograms.

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